Frat prank: Peanut butter smeared on allergic college student

Parents of children with nut allergies know it’s no laughing matter. Mr. Peanut might as well be the Grim Reaper.

So when a mother of college student Andrew Seely learned that her son had been smeared with peanut butter as a frat prank at Central Michigan University, she went to Facebook. Her post has gone viral, according to Detroit news station WINK. 

A photo of her 19-year-old son shows him with a swollen face, one eye nearly closed. The incident occurred in October at Alpha Chi Rho fraternity during his first semester. He was smeared with peanut butter while he slept.

An outraged mother’says her son suffered a severe allergic reaction to peanut butter, after it was rubbed on his face while he was asleep at an off-campus fraternity back in October.

“We found out that our son was a victim of a hazing incident,” Seely wrote in a post that has since been shared by more than 1,400 people. “This is a picture of what they did to him. He has a deadly peanut allergy and they rubbed peanut butter on his face while he was passed out.”

The university and local police were contacted by the Seely family

“My heart just sank to my stomach when is saw [the photos],” Andrew’s dad, Paul Seely said.

“As time goes on, the reality sets in — he could have died. He really could have. If peanut butter had gotten into his mouth it would have been dire.”

A professor took Andrew to the campus health clinic for treatment.

“Obviously this is very concerning and we take these things very seriously,” said Heather Smith, director of communications at Central Michigan University.

Smith said the fraternity involved, Alpha Chi Rho, was officially disbanded on the campus in 2011 and are not recognized.

Andrew left the school at the end of the semester and transferred to a different school.

“He’s been very emotional about this as he understands how serious this is,” the teen’s father said. “He can’t get his head around it. It’s really affected him — he had to get away.”

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